ESR2 – Eco-evolutionary dynamics of complex multiplayer and multiple games

ESR2: Eco-evolutionary dynamics of complex multiplayer and multiple games

Recruiting beneficiary: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Germany


Internal supervisors: Dr. Chaitanya S. Gokhale, Prof. Arne Traulsen


Brief project description: Evolutionary games are never played in isolation, the advent of multiple games theory therefore begs new studies to improve our understanding of how complex interaction patterns shape the eco-evolutionary dynamics of a population. Building upon the previous work on multiplayer and multiple games, we will  include evolutionary and ecological dynamics and analyse the deterministic properties and effects of instantaneous versus delayed interactions.


Updates: In her work Małgorzata is focusing on the effects of structure and complex interactions on eco-evolutionary dynamics. She examines the impact of social networks on human interactions and the dissemination of trust and beliefs within small populations; how age structure can serve as a proxy for time delays in multiplayer games, helping us comprehend the influence of time on interactions; and how geographical structures, such as varied dispersal paths between species, influence predator-prey dynamics.