Wajid has completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mathematics in his home city, Peshawar, at University of Peshawar, Pakistan. In his Bachelor’s research project Wajid has worked on stability analysis of impulsive and delay differential equations. For his Master’s thesis, he looked at some qualitative properties of ODEs-based population growth models.  He has also done a short research internship on the evolution of honest signaling in Aix-Marseille University, France.

Currently,  Wajid is focusing on models of epidemics and evolution in structured populations. Specifically, he is looking at early growth of epidemics and eco-evolutionary dynamics of meta-population on networks. In his free time Wajid guides students from Pakistan for scholarships-based masters and PhDs programs in Europe. He also enjoys cooking, card games and watching cricket. 


Beneficiary: University of Liverpool (UK)

Supervisor: Dr. Kieran Sharkey

Secondments at partner organizations: City University of London (UK), University of Torino (IT), EPITRACK (BR), IMDEA Networks Institute (Madrid, ES)